You gave me Yellow Roses

You disappeared,

Left my world

Vanished from my dreams,

I wish you could have stayed a little longer,

So I could tell you how much I love and miss you,

As much as long  for your yellow roses.

I wonder at times what you are thinking,

I wonder at times what you would say,

I’m trying to remember how your voice would echo,

Reminiscing on the last day your I love you vibrated through my soul,

I  wonder if you remember that you gave me yellow roses?


I can still smell your scent at times,

And so clearly evoked by your unique laughter,

Yellow roses, you always gave me yellow roses.


Your personality was always such a breath of fresh air,

Your presence “un”-forgettable,

I never forgot the beautiful yellow roses you gave.


You were the hero holding everything together,

You left and everything started falling apart,

Even the yellow roses you gave.


I know it was your time to go,

It was unexpected,

I was never going to see you again,

Not evens the yellow roses you gave.


You are and will always remain my superhero

My knight in shining armour,

But I would prefer the yellow roses again.


I need to see your face again,

Right in front of me as clear as day,

So when you do get the time,

After your heavenly duties are met,

I don’t want to forget your face,

But not as much as I need you to give me my yellow roses again.


Monique Williams



No blindfold

How do you know where my heart lies?
Have you heard the unheard thoughts in my head?

Look at me with a blind eye and you see nothing with your eyes wide open
Let me unfold those words crackling from my lips,

I can’t tell the truth because your perception of sound is blocked with lies,
Can you see my passion disguised?

Your understanding of my vision is obscured with obstacles,
No hatred from one to another Nor will it destroy my dreams from one to the other,

See the unseen, the invisible particles,
My untamed purpose is out of this world, remarkable

Each time I experience a hindrance and destruction,
That tinge of your addiction and abruption,
It caused no imperfection or distraction

I find my peace in my comforter, counsellor and teacher
He made me a believer, a dreamer

My motivation to you is find your love, your passion, your drive
In this beautiful, optimistic and opportunistic world we can all thrive

Find your dream, don’t let it grow old
Don’t let your journey and story go untold

Deaf ears won’t listen,
Your truth is written,

Roll those words from your heart to your lips,
Break through the blindfold of this world,

Your potential and purpose will submerge
Find who you are, your truth, unchaining you
Your love your passion your potential is there to pursue

Let the world see what lies in your heart,
Add your piece of art,

Be bold, Remove your blindfold.

-Monique Williams

We are Women (Poem)

Do you hear that voice inside?

The one rumbling through your core?

Do you listen to that voice inside?

That voice is yours

The threatened whispers,

The cornered anger,

That undying voice, that voice is yours

No one listens, no one sees,

All that it wants, is for you to be appeased.

The rumbling roar, the echo of your voice speaks out loud

The distinctive, unique and troubling sound.

Where are your words, your lips are not moving,

How do we allow society to do the choosing?

We are women, uniquely and fearfully made,

We are women, the one’s with passion,

Nurturing love and exuberant compassion.

Where are our voices, loud and clear?

Let’s lift our voices, without the fear.

We are women renounced from our voices,

We need to regain,

Those cooped up voices, we need to retain.

We need to bounce back from our poor historical choices,

Let’s lift each other’s voices.

Let’s stand in line,

I am your voice and you are mine.

– By Monique Williams