Author’s Profile

I am Monique Williams, and an avid writer and blogger of true life events, along with stories to inspire and empower. I was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and have been a writer/poet and author since my scholar days.

I enioy capturing life events as they happen, as it provides the reader with the emotion and mental state of the story.

My passion for women and children has lead me on this road to Empower Women and our “Generation Next” who have endured abuse, early motherhood, childhood trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, as this has been my journey, “once upon a time.”

My aim and mission is to provide a support structure and required tools to women and children which can equip and enable them to see the frivolous opportunities and self empowerment choices to lead a positive and successful life.

I am also a public speaker, specifically to inspire and empower our youth to chase, pursue and live their dreams.

“Now brace yourselves”