Naturally Empowering

I was asked to attend an event on the weekend called My Natural Hair Story, organized by and blog about it.

The ladies that I met and the amazing valuable hair stories that was shared with me, is appreciated to a degree I cannot explain.

I was always teased by girls on school about my super curly hair and the inevitable thing I wished for was to have super straight hair instead. Girls would even iron their hair, no not with a straightening iron, with an actual clothing iron and brown paper covering it to get their hair pin straight. I never tried it, but I was not far from it either.

I learned to embrace my beautiful curly “boskop” and when I decided to do that just over a year ago, I started loving it more and more as there were so many people who wanted my hair, that they would even go to the lengths to have their hair permed.

This is the second hair event I have attended. I attended Clicks Curls event as well and I was in awe, at both these events, of how much valuable information there are for women and girls out there who never find the right product for their curly hair.

I struggle finding the right products as the expensive well known name brand products are way too strong for my hair, so strong that it weakens my strands.

I felt as if I belonged to a sisterhood of women who understand the struggle and also understand my hair. Women freely sharing their tragic and air punching hair stories, without any judgement, empowering each other with information that will help other women conquer their “bad hair day” saga.

I did not just attend this event for the information and goodies being given, I attended to have a different perspective on Women Empowerment.

Visualising this and actually experiencing the extent of how close scary hair stories can unite women was an experience that will not leave me anytime soon.

“Vision is truth, potential is Power”

                                                                  – Monique Williams



Author: Love The "Un"- Present

I wish I could start this introduction of myself on a perky note, however I am a realist, my life was something meant for a horror movie......ok maybe I'm exaggerating, however no child should have to experience this. I can however tell you this, I am a God serving and God fearing woman and I stand to tell my story with rejoice in my heart because as God has lead Joseph to his victory, even though he lived some of his years in suffering. So did I live mine, but He is leading me to my victory, through all my trials and triumphs He has guided me from terrible to worse times and now He leads me from victory to victory. I live with no regrets as that was my path I had to take to get to know My Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer. Now brace yourselves for my truth.............

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